Senior Digital Product Designer

4 min readAug 29, 2018

Help us build a dream consultancy!

What you’ll be doing?

For Ergonline:
We’re a small team, so you’ll be fully involved in the life of our business and you’ll be doing a bit of everything.
As a Designer, you’ll have a number of in-house responsibilities, such as:

  • Consolidating and building Ergonline
    You’ll be influencing the firm’s strategy and decisions, because your opinion is just as important to us as the boss’s. Our consultancy has already adopted the participative management model. Among other things, that means total transparency about the firm’s figures, pay, points of view and much more.
  • Helping to gain new clients
    You’ll be playing an active part in the sales process, monitoring the market and adding to the visibility of Ergonline and its services… In short, you’ll be helping us to attract missions and clients that really match us.
  • Growing and sharing your know-how
    Here at Ergonline, every colleague is keen to garner new competences and additional experience.
    Every Friday is FREEday (Feed Read Experiment Enhance), meaning you don’t work on client projects. Instead, that day is dedicated to improving your skills and knowledge, sharing this new know-how, trying out IT tools and methods and working to develop Ergonline (methodologies, well-being etc.)

For our clients:
We expect you to:

  • Draw up a product strategy
    You will need to initiate and pilot discussions with the client’s team about the product strategy and engage in overall reflection.
  • Know the different user research methods
    User tests, design sprints, analytics, surveys, interviews, personas, observation … At Ergonline, product design always involves the users.
  • Manage products and clients
    You’ll be able to manage your own projects from A to Z, estimate the work burden, choose the UX method(s) to be used — and, most important of all, build a trusting, relaxed relationship with the client.
  • Design the product
    You must be able to move from digital experiments to materialisation, using storyboards, wireframes and prototypes.
  • Sell your work
    To help our clients implement our proposals correctly, you must be able to explain clearly the whys and wherefores of your choices and motivate your recommendations.
  • Measure the impact
    We help our clients to achieve their aims. So part of our job is to like numbers and to master them, in order to gain a clear view of how far we’ve got with those aims and how we can improve the product.

Your experience?

Must have

On the educational side, this job calls for a Bachelor’s degree in a related field (computer science, HCI, visual communication etc.) or equivalent experience (min. 1 year in a consultancy or in-house).

You master both the Voltaire and Vondel’s languages … in short, you are bilingual French / Dutch!

As regards competences, you absolutely must have some prior experience of:

  • Resolving strategic issues
  • Being autonomous and managing projects
  • Answering business questions via user-centred techniques (user tests, interviews, analytics and so on)
  • Defining, applying and analyzing metrics
  • Wireframes and Solution Prototyping

Nice to have

Score extra points if you have these types of experience:

  • Running workshops on co-creation and design thinking (e.g. design sprints)
  • Eyetracking
  • Neurosciences
  • Visual design
  • Agility / Scrum
  • Commercial
  • A/B testing
  • Technical know-how
  • Gif selection expertise ;-)

About us

Ergonline assists decision-making by designers and digital product managers, through user-centred techniques, helping to improve their digital products and make them more human and effective (conversion, involvement, satisfaction etc.).

Since 2015, we have had the pleasure of assisting these clients:

We all work autonomously and each colleague is responsible for his or her own time management. Our working hours and leave schedules are flexible.

Each person manages his or her own projects from A to Z, but can call on the team to lend a hand when needed.

We want to give meaning and impact to what we do, both for ourselves and for our clients. When a client tells us that our recommendations have boosted conversions by 30%, we get a real sense of achievement :-)

Our firm is run according to the principles of Participative Management and Holacracy, with total transparency (pay, strategy, budgets etc.) and the chance for everyone to help build the business and have their say.

The deal

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Permanent contract
  • Based in Mont St Guibert — Louvain-la-Neuve
  • Fringe benefits

How to apply?

Send us your application at Include your CV and a three-sentence summary of why you are keen to join Ergonline.

We promise to reply, whether the answer’s yes or no. But please do give us time to assess the applications at our ease.

PS: Maybe you don’t feel experienced enough for the job, but you’d be keen to learn these skills in our firm? Rest assured that we’ll look very carefully at anyone who is highly motivated.


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