This is What Will Happen at the Democratic Convention
The Digital Left

Gotta love how people (cough cough, Chris Hawkins) paints everyone with the same brush.

Gotta love how people (cough cough, everyone doubting Bernie) forget how much election fraud + voter suppression went into this election cycle, thanks to the DNC/Hillary camp.

It’s amazing how Hillary supporters ignore the fact that her campaign has been using dirty tactics (Correct the Rec0rd — Hillary paid), voter suppression, election fraud and let’s not forget to mention — she’s under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

But yeah, sure… Let’s just vote for her: someone who has no foresight, no sound judgment, is a war hawk, flips sides/opinions when it’s most convenient, lies to the American citizens, has been embroiled in scandals (not only her but Bill Clinton as well) since the start of their careers. That’s a president I would be so proud to have.

Don’t you think, Hillary-supporters?

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