Photography: Writing with light

  1. The oldest thing you can find
The Church of Gesu located in Milwaukee, WI within the Marquette campus, was inaugurated in 1894. The church was also designated as a landmark of the city in 1975. It is a beautiful place to visit and take pictures of.

2. Something that inspires you

The Marquette University slang is something that inspires/motivates me because I believe in difference and/or diversity there is unity. Also, I believe that in order to be successful in any aspect of life you have to be different than everyone else, you have to know what makes you different and special.

3. Something that scares you

The elevator is one of my fears. Every time I get on one I think of the probability of staying stuck in it and passing out.

4. Something that represents your dream

In the future I aspire to work in the communication field. Thereby, I captured this picture of the sign of the College of Communication in Johnston Hall.

5. Get permission to photograph someone you don’t know

This is Madison McCarthy. She is most of the time the one at the front desk of our dorm. She never forgets to wish us a good day even though we do not know each other.

6. Something familiar from a new angle

I took this picture of the flag of the United States that’s outside the church of Gesu from a lower angle. I decided on this location because I felt it would be cool to see how it would look once I tried it. It was fun trying to take pictures of things from different angles because you never know how they will turn out, but this one was my favorite.

7. A place that reminds you of home

This is a room in our dorms in which me have been meeting most nights since our arrival at UJW. We have become kind of like a family by coming into this room and sharing our experiences, thoughts, and hobbies/interests.

8. A close-up

I tend to take many close-ups of my self. It is away for me to express any feeling I’m feeling at the moment. I guess you can call it a shot captured at the moment. I love being able to express myself in this kind of way.
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