Bounty0x Hunter guide

Eric Bal
Eric Bal
Dec 12, 2018 · 13 min read


Who loves spending hours reporting links?

The platform seems more focused on hunters than others. And that matters a lot.

Some kind of transparency in the crypto world is cool :)


1. Joining a bounty

Example of 4 bounties from a single host. Direct views of the different bounties and of the max rewards / available spots for all of them. Priceless!

For every task asked by the Host, there is a dedicated page where the bounty is managed.

social sharing tiers
quality tiers

You don’t produce work without knowing how much $ you could earn in the end, and that is of GREAT value!

2. Producing the bounty

submission is quick and easy
Come on, gon on the “approved tab” kids!

3. Getting your KYC done

No more stupid me in my open space, taking selfies with post-it and ID card in front of my colleagues! ;)

4 . Getting reviewed

Sheriffs receive various works to review. Be nice with them.
Maybe bounties won’t get you rich, but they may teach you patience. Stop rushing and relax :)

5. Getting your reward

Whoooo ! Lambo!!!


BNTY is referenced on the Kucoin exchange


1. Chose the categories of the bounties you like

I think that starting with something you like, know well to do and are good at is the best way to be efficient and happy doing a bounty.

2. Focus on “internal bounties”

3. Double check the seriousness of the project

I had fun developping a quick ICObench scraping to get the score and votes for the projects that interested me.


Like in investment, only spend the time you don’t need and can lose.


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