Winkpark is reinventing the way we park


Great innovations on the web have one thing in common: the way to better allocate unused resources.

Look at Airbnb.

People have free space they don’t use, in their apartment. Instead of wasting this space, Airbnb makes it possible to rent it easily to anyone willing to live the life of local. And it is much cheaper than a hotel.

Look at Uber.

Drivers had free time between two missions. Instead of losing their time doing nothing in their car, the app enables them to find new customers to fill their empty schedule and improve their rentability.

Look at Drivy.

People usually use their car 5% of the time. All other 95% the car is just sleeping in the parking, unused. But you pay anyway for your insurance, your debt reimbursment, etc. With Drivy you can rent it in minutes when your vehicule is unused, and earn a lot with it. And it’s still less expensive to rent a car from Drivy than from a traditional car rental.

We see in this 3 examples how powerful the plateformization can be: creating a place for two people to share information, one with an unused resource to earn from, the other with a need usually too expensive to solve with traditional means.

Winkpark is on the same approach of creating value around unused resources.

With Winkpark app, you will be able to share information and parking spaces to earn time and money. Driving hours before finding your parking space is finished, with the Winkpark community you will find it in a wink!


If Winkpark is highly useful, as we just saw, it’s fun and nice to use too.
And we now that User Experience is very important in the success of a project.
Winkpark will be both intuitive and fun.

1. Intuitive, like Uber (yeah, I know…)

They made it incredibly easy to book a driver and follow it’s while approaching. No need to think, no need to click hundreds of time… it’s all quick and easy

Easy and clean : book a driver in seconds!

2. Fun, like Foursquare.

They worked very hard to create gamification actions that made you crazy in your town, spending hours becoming the virtual owner of any building around you. Gathering badges and earning various gratification made people get addicted and used the app very often.

Remember collecting all these badges?

You know what is cool?
Winkpark will try to use the best case of it to make the use of the app easy and fun.
The best way to ensure massive adoption of their solution!


There are 2 major use for the app

1. Marking and finding a parking space

Everyone can share with the community the free parking spaces they see around them. Drivers may choose to reward them for their help, tipping them.
Everyone can access a map to see the various spaces spotted by the community, and rush there to park while the parking space is still free.

And... parked! :)

2. Booking a space

When a driver is about to leave its parking space, he can choose to alert the community, and wait for someone in need of a space to come.
Its action will be rewarded, as he will be able to be paid depending on its waiting time (every diver choose how much he asks for his waiting).
So if Bob leaves its parking space and alerts the community, Bill can tell him he is coming, and take the liberated parking space. He will give some tokens to Bob as a reward for his waiting.

Other actions may be done within the app

Socializing: winks, high five… can be performed within the app in order to create a real community and make people able to thanks and know each other.
Controlling: a system of experience and life points will be used to ensure the quality of the community. People could lose points when their behavior is not correct (canceling an parking arriving, etc.)

Wink and high-five your community!


Usually, in the ICO world, you barely have an MVP to show you what the product might be.
Here, you can download the app and test it by yourself!
Go ahead on Android (the iOS version is coming soon).

This is possible because there is a company behind Winkpark, called Sparking. They already invested 400.000$ in the app, and are now conducting their ICO in order to fuel the project (blockchain development, communication, and marketing, etc.)


At first, Winkpark will use a URC token.
They will quickly switch to their own cryptocurrency.

The token will be needed to perform various actions: tipping someone, paying someone for its wait, etc.

It will be used without transaction fees within the ecosystem, but fees will be charged when leaving it towards other exchanges or wallets.

SO… ?

I really like the way to give value to existing ressources. 
And it may be a good way for the community to earn real value, as stated in their whitepaper:

If you are interested, they are conducting an ICO that will end end of December.

This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x.
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