Book review: “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

Just finished reading the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

In general good book. Very interesting point on having a Why, a How and a What. This book is focused company wise. Companies normally know their What and How’s, but no Why or at least no clear Why.

Although the book is very repetitive in examples (Apple, Microsoft, etc), the core of the books is really good.

  • Why does a company do/sell what is does?
  • How does a company do/sell what is does?
  • What does a company do/sell what is does?

Is goes on explaining why many companies, although having a great product and great management fail: because they do not have a clear why or don’t have a why in general.

This even applies to us in our personal life.

Why become a product manager? Because I want to make a better world one app at a time.

How will I become a product manager? By preparing myself as much as possible, by creating my portfolio, by doing my side projects, by reading, by testing, by meeting people, by going to interviews and so on.

What will I do as a product manager? Will excel as one and always work to be a better one.

Do you like my Why, How and What?

I’ll give 3 stars to the book, it could be much shorter and still have the same impact. But at the end it is a good read.