Andela Bootcamp Experience

Everyday at Bootcamp Presents a New Learning Lesson

It is only day 3 of the Andela bootcamp but ‘my oh my!’, what an experience it is so far! I am quite impressed with the progress I have made towards becoming part of a team committed to transforming the technology landscape around the world. With each day that passes, a new technical and social skill, key to becoming a technology leader is acquired and this keeps me inspired.

We are compelled to understand that growth is continuous. One of the ways in which this is done is by presenting you with tasks that expose your knowledge gaps to you. You are then allocated a learning facilitator who is senior to you, and then teamed up with fellow applicants (very brilliant mind you!). You then have to own your own learning by engaging your facilitator and peers primarily through a chatting platform called gitter. You are encouraged to ask questions and comb the internet alongside the study material provided to understand new concepts, with which you address the presented challenges.

“A four year old asks about 400 questions everyday. How about you? Learn something new everyday”

Smart document management is a key requirement in this fast growing era of information technology. A concept called version control has been introduced to us using a popular platform called github . I had come across github a couple of times but had never interfaced with it to appreciate it’s significance. If you haven’t worked with it, please check it out now as it will forever change the way you think about handling documents be it pictures, source code, or designs. Anything really.

Over the years, I had become accustomed to writing applications to just solve problems without minding about whether the application could be tweaked to run faster and also use less memory. In just day two days, i have learnt to evaluate algorithms using Big O notation before rushing into coding to ensure sustainable and robust applications are built.

I could go on and on with other concepts learnt like Test Driven Development (TDD), Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) but that would make this story exceedingly interesting causing you to postpone your other activities. Plus, I have to save time to read upfront and prepare for more interesting days coming ahead. Until next time.