Pi-Hole has been an absolute blessing for me. The amount of insights it gives you on how much extra traffic is going over the wire is insane.

One thing that can be confusing is understanding who is connected to the network.

In this list, which device in my house is

Typically, your router will dish out an IP address and keep it static based off the MAC address. The behavior can’t be guaranteed but I would expect most routers to not cycle it until they ran out of IP addresses. You can configure your router to enforce this too.

For example, I have my router configured so my pi-hole…

If clicking the kudos button for all your friends on Strava becomes a slight burden, try this simple script to kudos everywhere in your feed view:

This works in the latest version of Chrome and likely in the latest version of other browsers too.

Disclaimer: I still read my feed to see what my friends do. I just don’t want to wear out my mouse from clicking kudos so many times.

You could in theory automate this even further to use an IFTTT every time your friends upload a run/ride but then you’d be an uncaring soul that doesn’t actually read their friends activities. If you’ve got too many friends in your feed, consider downsizing.

Strava has an incredible data set and I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to get set up with real time data with their Webhooks API.

First, we need to create an application.

Some dummy data is sufficient

After you fill that out, it’ll ask you to upload an image (anything will work). Once you get through that, you should have the information you need to get going:

Eric Thomas

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