Google NightDream

We at Google strive to make the world a better place. What better way to do it than making Google services available to you all day long, even while you sleep. Now you can check your mail and find the latest weather forecast for tomorrow without having to wake up.

Don’t let the world pass you by

One third of your every day is taken up by sleep. Everything stops for you at this time, while the world keeps moving forward at faster and faster speeds. What if there is an emergency at work or Trump has twitted something that everyone is talking about at 3am? You will only find out about it when you wake up 4 hours later and the world has already moved on.

Now google has a solution.

Google to the rescue

Google engineers at a secret “Google X” labs have worked for a long time to solve the “sleep” problem. The solution is both revolutionary and aesthetic.

Introducing Google NightDream:

This device is light and super comfortable, made from green and organic materials. You will not even know you have it on after a couple of weeks of usage. It uses latest google phone, named “pixel”, as its brain. You just put NightDream on before you go to sleep, program it using super simple remote and enjoy Google while you sleep.

When you fall asleep, Google NightDream will constantly monitor your dream states. When you are in REM sleep and dreaming, there will be a small google assistant icon in the top right corner of your field of vision.

At any point in time you can bring up a google menu just by dreaming the word GOOGLE or picturing GOOGLE logo in your sleep.

The menu will appear in full 3D in DR (Dream Reality) and you can use your eyes or dream hands to select and even manipulate any menu item.

From here you can use Search to get you correct answers for an exam you keep failing in your dream. Or use Maps to navigate Dream landscape. Or check latest news on Election Polls or what did Kim K wear in Paris. Or GMail to see what your Indian developer colleagues are up to. All without waking up.


  • Push notifications. You can configure push notifications for dreams whenever there are important news that you don’t want to miss or work emergencies.
  • Nightmare detection. If NightDream detects that you are having a nightmare you will be presented with a sponsored options to: Leave Nightmare, Save it to continue later or Share it
  • Visit other people’s dreams. Integration with Hangouts allows to DreamShare your dreams with your friends and family.
  • Save your dreams to Google Drive. This way you can relive your dreams whenever you want.
  • If your dreams are too boring, let a Google DoodleDream do the dreaming for you! Just click play.


Google has revolutionized how we do emails, online documents and of course search. And now they will revolutionize how we dream.

Order NightDream today and start sleeping with Google.

Disclaimer: Your private information may be used by Google for targeted ads. It will not be shared with Google Partners. You can sleep safely knowing that google is watching over your Dreams (and nightmares).

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