MeBot — You are the bot

Lucille Ball once said

Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.

But who has time this day and age to actually do any of that. (And who the hell is Lucille Ball). People are too busy with internet, work, family, and other things in life to have even 10 mins a day for internal dialog. Now you can learn to love yourself once again through MeBot.

Love MeBot instead

Our app uses your genome as well as your browsing history to create a MeBot that behaves just like you. You can use any chat app to talk with “yourself” at any time. See how you should feel about things around you and discover amazing new stuff about yourself.


The IPhone app comes with the following features:

  • Tracker about your current relationship with your MeBot (aka yourself). Do you hate yourself or are your happy with yourself.
  • Sends push notifications to remind you to feel remorse, happiness, sadness and other feelings.
  • Offloads most internal dialog processing out of your brain, to concentrate on more important things like online games and proving your point on reddit.
  • Jumps into conversations through an ear-piece add-on whenever you feel like you don’t know what to say.
  • Uses Neural networks and Artificial Intelligence to continuously improve, based on your conversations. As well as other data from your social network usage, finances and your health meter stats.
  • Your friends and family can talk to MeBot instead of you when you are offline.


People rave about this app:

John from New Jersey

Whenever I can’t think for myself, I turn to MeBot. Usually he just suggests some new product to buy, but sometimes it gives me deep insight into myself. Like yesterday I asked MeBot what should I do about my dirty apartment. He replied that I should watch some TV and clean later. That’s sooo me.

Derrick from Ohio

Wow, this app is amazing. I have been very busy at work lately, gained a lot of weight and have been having problems with wife. I talked to MeBot about it. MeBot reminded me that I have some reports due tomorrow, so I decided to order some chinese and work late. Thanks MeBot.


Are you still not sure if you should get this app? Why don’t you ask MeBot. Just download it from here.

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