Eric Martin
Apr 26 · 2 min read

Next day delivery, a rant.

Yesterday, I ordered a banner online. I needed this banner for my work as an online English teacher. Much to my dismay, the delivery tracker only mentioned the day of the delivery, nothing about the ETA. So today, from 8 AM, to about 15 minutes ago, I stayed at home waiting for the delivery and refreshing the package tracker webpage.

I kept myself busy for the day, reading and watching things. I couldn’t use my earphones, out of fear of missing the doorbell. So at around 3:45 PM, I refresh the page and… ‘DELAYED’, the package will arrive tomorrow.

I paid an extra €6 for next day delivery, I wasted time and money staying at home, all for naught. So I call the company. A very nice lady answers the phone, checks my order and in a very sympathetic way tells me they’re very sorry and will refund my fast delivery charge.

The package will arrive tomorrow, but again, no ETA. I politely explained to her that the reason people pay extra for speedy delivery is obviously that having the product the next day is more valuable than the fee. It’s a basic cost of opportunity. So them refunding my €6 is absolutely worthless, because I lost around €100 and a lot of valuable time.

The reason people order online is ease. The reason people pay extra for quick delivery is that they obviously need the item urgently. The seller has a fiduciary responsibility to fulfill this condition.

Repaying me my 6 bucks isn’t gonna help me in any way. ‘’, go fuck yourselves.