Changing paths to a new coding career

I love sports!

I grew up playing football, baseball, basketball, and later became a cross country and track athlete. I got so good at it, I wanted to coach it. I loved the competition and the culture.

After competing for 10 years and going to college for exercise science, i found it difficult to get coaching jobs, especially ones that pay well.

After getting hurt my last track season in college, getting married, working a 50+ hours a week at my job, getting back to just simply competing as a runner fizzled out. The REAL world has finally settled in.

This began a search for who I am, who I wanted to be, and what I should do… of course after I should have had that already figured out.

From trying to stay within higher Education as a admissions counselor, to possible seminary, to becoming a DPT, nothing seemed to catch on or seem right. Until one day after coming home from observation hours, I watched a video called ‘Code Stars’.

After watching this video it had sparked an interest that I had in high school for coding that sort of never caught fire. My teacher for coding basics was a jerk and didn’t know how to teach. He taught my physics class, and he just expected us to know how to do things. So I lost interest and thought it would be too hard.

But spending some time with the Hour Of Code on Khan Academy helped this fire light up.

I have found my passion for coding, so much so I dropped all prior pursuits and decided I am going to try and become a developer. Why not, there is high demand, it pays well, its fun, you feel like a rock star, and I love solving problems. Being the son of a developer, it just felt right.

So here I am, slowly going through an IT degree at Liberty University and just started at General Assembly for Web Development to jump start my career.

This is an exciting process that I will continue to post about my experiences with leading up to GA, going through GA, and finding a job after GA, as well as commenting on some projects I am working on.