Problems Are 2015. Solutions Are 2016.

Instead of just writing resolutions this year, I wanted to think about what problems I saw with myself in 2015 (I’m biased) and then test solutions to fix them. Test and iterate my life. It’s what I know.

As we start 2016, here are the frequent problems I have:

  • I get stuck on our living room couch and waste time there, especially on weekends.
  • I don’t have an exercise habit that I stick with.
  • I don’t communicate or keep up with my friends well.
  • I don’t create enough things. I mainly consume. I wish I wrote more.

I’m a big believer in BJ Fogg’s behavior model:

The Fogg Behavior Model shows that three elements must converge at the same moment for a behavior to occur: Motivation, Ability, and Trigger. When a behavior does not occur, at least one of those three elements is missing.

My motivation is this pubic post. I have broken these solutions down into distinct parts and add them into my routine one at a time so I have the ability to start small and achieve these goals. I will use my task manager, Omnifocus, as the trigger to remind me of my tasks to complete.

These are the solutions I am going to test at the start of 2016:

  • On a weekend day, the first thing I will do is plan my day so they are more productive. There will likely still be plenty of unstructured time, but there will also be time for focused and creative activity to ensure I accomplish something.
  • I will set boundaries when I need to focus on work. At home, this means telling my wonderful wife that I have to get a focused task done and move into our second bedroom/office to do that work. At the office, this means blocking off calendar time once a week where I won’t take meeting or check emails.
  • Group fitness classes are the best motivator for me. Peer pressure makes me want to never give up and be the best in the class. The two types of fitness classes I’ve done consistently in the past and enjoyed are yoga and spinning. I will do a short yoga practice daily on weekdays (I bought the Yoga Studio app for Apple TV) and supplement that with group yoga and spinning classes on weekends.
  • I will text/email/communicate with a friend everyday. When possible, I will suggest and plan something social to do, instead of waiting for others to suggest something.
  • I’ll write something everyday. Even if it’s just tweet length. Can be public or private. I expect this to happen most often right before bed.
  • BONUS: I ordered Soylent and will see how I can work that into my diet to have better energy through the day.

Keep me honest.