What Craft Beer Teaches Us about Universal Basic Income: Why It Will Fail
John Horst

I am interested in the article/topic. but… could you rewrite it? i find it confusing. I’ll be honest, I reread the article and I can’t find a starting point to discuss UBI.

note: baristas certainly create wealth. easily measured in the brand/value of the business they represent.

the better mouse trap… robotics/automation etc. aren’t relevant to the question of whether or not UBI will work. so I think the article can be simplified a bunch. robotics/automation will amplify economic effects and benefits of UBI.

and there is NEED that is part of an economy that is beyond the desire to accumulate wealth. and BEER is such a wonderful example to explore.

let’s start with the assumption. everyone (in the economy — needs beer to survive).

Can we create a MODEL of UBI that works in the beerconomy? or is the economy doomed to failure?

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