Day 10 (week 2) — Branding and Blogging Basics

During the Friday morning huddle, we were treated with a great presentation by Jesse Crow. The short summary of this presentation was that the design choices you make in presenting your work online (either through GitHub, medium, Twitter, etc.) are important in creating your online brand. As someone who was slightly reluctant to get involved with this a few weeks ago, I can say that after two weeks of making daily posts, I feel much better about the decision moving forward.

One interesting book recommendation that came out of the presentation was Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I’ve already added this to my Amazon cart and will be purchased soon. It will be a nice addition to my library.

After the morning huddle, we received a kickoff for the week 2 project using data from One of the things that I struggled with in the project was the answer to the sixth question about finding ‘items that are made by their seller.’ I had to look at the dataset and find the property who_made and this property was one of three possibilities: i_did, someone_else, or collective. It wasn’t apparent to me which I should select. I thought that the i_did value made the most sense.

The essence of the week 2 project was simply to sort through a bunch of data, extract certain components, and console.log them. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

My mission for this weekend is to figure out what’s wrong with the Atom package — atom-firepad. The idea of the plugin is that you have an editor window open in Atom and you want to collaboratively edit the file with someone else. You can give them a randomly-generated code and then you can both edit the file in Atom. The package currently doesn’t work, and I have read some stuff online. The last commit in the repo was a year ago, so I’m thinking it’s not actively maintained. I’m going to need to read a bit about Google’s Firebase, but I’m thinking it might be possible. If I make significant progress, I’ll put out another post over the weekend.