The type and number of characters we use for code indention have and probably will always be a source of contention for programmers. Should we use tabs or spaces and how many of either? Some will consider this a tired argument, others find it comical, and some have very strong opinions on what’s the right way to indent. These are all fair. What interests me is how different indention stylistics are more than mere preferences or opinions. They can make that person more efficient and less distracted. It’s both a quandary of both Computer Science and Human Factors.

This post…

I have a friend, both strong in artistic talent and wisdom. We would strum guitars into the night. When picks would tire, wisdom would often take the stage.

One such night my friend asked me to compare bravery and confidence. This was not a moment to momentary ponder only to resort to a Google search. Instead it was a challenge of self-introspection.

I gave that challenge due thought but was ultimately uncertain of the context from which my friend was approaching. Instead of offering a insincere guess, I respectfully threw my hands up.

My friend asked me to consider walking…

Eric Carlisle

Independent UI & UX Consultant, Strategist | Speaker & Presenter | Mentor | Markup Mason | CSS Surgeon | Javascript Juggler | Creative Innovator

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