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Great article David! ; Uber, from a cyclists perspective:

I love using Uber. Recently, I called my mom and she was about to go on a 45 minute walk to the doctors office (shortly after a surgery). I told her to wait and give me 10 minutes. Within 5 minutes I had a nice driver Pick her up and drop her off (she ended up beieng 30 minutes early) and I was able to pay for it from 15 miles away via my cell phone. I ride my bike everywhere, so if the weather is terrible, its really nice to have a backup plan. Uber is a great service and way cheaper than taxis (which are WAYYYYY out of my minimum wage budget). It is the reason that I can get away with not having a car! The benefits to society from a service like this are immeasurable at this point. It allows me to live a more sustainable life while still having some luxuries. I have only had positive experiences, and if you aren't a total douche bag, you should too!

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