It has been at least two years since my page has been updated, and I have recently decided to pick writing back up. The purpose of this post is to reintroduce myself into the blogging world, as well as explain my plans for this blog.

To keep things short, this blog will be a piece of a music analyzation group where we write and talk about all things music. Viewers can expect to see posts about new songs, artist profiles, album reviews, and everything music.

During my time at Ball State University I have encountered some fellow music lovers, one of them being Sean Myers who has a music blog of his own, who have expressed an interest in starting a consistent blog. After we met a few times and started discussing what this project will look like, we saw the potential of crossing into other media forms like podcasts and YouTube. Once everyone is on board, our goal is to have a semi-consistent podcast up and running by September in addition our blogs that we will update at least once a week.

Everyone involved in this project is very excited, and we are all going to put our hearts into this. I will introduce you all to the rest of the team shortly, and stay tuned for my first blog post later this week.

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