Erica Barnell (MD/PhD Candidate, Washington University School of Medicine) and Andrew Barnell (MBA, The Wharton School) are siblings who co-founded Geneoscopy, a startup focused on developing diagnostic tools to prevent, detect and treat digestive diseases. Erica developed the idea for the company on her first rotation in Barnes-Jewish Hospital after meeting a 52-year old woman who arrived at the hospital with Stage IV colorectal cancer. The woman had never been screened for colorectal cancer because she could not take time off work to have a colonoscopy. Erica’s previous research experience on the gastrointestinal biome inspired her to find a solution to this compliance problem and she partnered with Andrew given his background in business. Andrew and Erica had never envisioned starting a company together, but given their complementary skills, mutual passion for healthcare, and close friendship, they took the leap to start Geneoscopy in February 2015. Recognizing the need for an individual proficient in data analysis to advance their scientific research, Yiming Kang, a PhD Candidate in Computer Science at Washington University in St. …

Erica Barnell

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