A New Chapter

Erica Brescia
May 24 · 4 min read

After over 14 years, yesterday was my last day at Bitnami (previously BitRock), as the company joins forces with VMware to continue on its mission of delivering awesome software to everyone (on every platform). It is a bit surreal to leave the team after all of these years, but I’m so incredibly proud of what we have accomplished — Bitnami is used and loved by millions around the world and trusted by some of the world’s most important companies to deliver the software they depend on. I’m confident that joining forces with VMware will propel both companies into the leaders of application deployment in the cloud and Kubernetes.

When people have asked what I’m most proud of at Bitnami, my answer has always been the same: the team we have built. There is so much incredible talent at Bitnami, and what really sets it apart is that people aren’t just smart, driven and inquisitive, but they are truly good people. It has been heartwarming to watch the VMware team “get that” as we went through this process and I’m so glad that Bitnami is joining forces with a company that shares our values — this was a major factor for us in making the decision to join VMware after so many years of independence. I’ll truly miss working with the Bitnami team, but I know everyone has a very bright future ahead of them!

Over the years and throughout this process, one thing that has made a lasting impression on me is how many good people there are in Silicon Valley. There are so many incredibly kind, brilliant, helpful and supportive people out there who have helped me personally, as well as Bitnami, along the way. There are far too many to name them all, but I can’t write this and not thank (in no particular order): Beau Vrolyk, Peter Courture, Armando Pauker, Marten Mickos, Ali Rowghani, Mike Levit, Paul St John, Larry Augustin, Jim Zemlin, Jason Warner, Whit Bouck, Jackie Chan, Chip Hazard, Michael Crandall, Peter Yared, Peter Cohen, Gia Scinto, John Gossman, Stephe Walli, Ullas Naik, Elad Gil, Diego Basch, Mark Radcliff, Andrew Aitken, Adam Hoffert and the entire team at Y Combinator… These folks gave so much of their time, wisdom and energy whenever we asked. I’m sure I’ll notice so many others I left out, which just goes to show you how many people have supported me and Bitnami over the years! And of course, thank you to the entire Bitnami team, and especially the folks who stuck with us from the very beginning through all the ups and downs, for all of their hard work in building Bitnami. I feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people.

I’d also like to thank Daniel for being my partner through thick and thin over the past 14+ years. Starting and building a company is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’m grateful to have had such a smart, driven and dedicated co-founder. He’s also the one who got me into tech in the first place and had the patience to school this investment finance nerd up in all things open source.

I promise I’ll stop with the “thanks” soon, but this is a big day for me! In addition to working with such great people, I have also had the good fortune of having an incredibly supportive family! It must have seemed pretty crazy to my parents that I picked up and moved to Spain to start a software company when I was 23 — especially given that I didn’t have a background in tech, and I didn’t even speak Spanish! But my family has always believed in me and had my back, which made this whole journey so. much. easier. If I can give one piece of advice to other founders, it is to find your tribe of supporters and don’t be afraid to lean on them when times get tough — building a company is HARD!

Thanks especially to my father, Joe Brescia, an entrepreneur himself, who believed in me and Daniel and our vision from day 1. He and Peter Courture counseled and supported us through it all — even when we made the decision to walk away from funding and continue to bootstrap. I can never thank them both enough for their unwavering support over the years. And thank you to Jono Bacon, the World’s Most Amazing (and Patient) Husband™, who has always had my back no matter what, and who has endured countless weekends worked, very late nights, a lot of ups and downs and who has had to listen to more than he’d ever care to know about the cloud, Kubernetes and application packaging!

A final thanks goes out to the VMware corporate development team. The team worked tirelessly to get this deal done and, while we didn’t always agree on everything, there were absolutely no shenanigans and it did feel like we all “Teamed Up” (a core Bitnami value) to get this closed. They are truly classy acquirers.

So, what’s next for me? First, I’m going to be taking a much-needed vacation with the family! The last few weeks and months have been especially crazy and I’m looking forward to a bit of R&R with the Bacon and Brescia crews. I’ll then be taking on another operational role… more on that to come.

For those who only have my Bitnami email address, reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn for my personal contact information. Thank goodness it is so easy to stay connected these days!


Erica Brescia

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