What’s love got to do with it!

What’s Love got to do with it!



It yerns from within her temple

Searching for that very goddess

That sacred space, that devine flow of unexplainable happiness

It has no boundaries at all

It’s just there!

Waiting to be awakened!!

To be awakened by her, it’s the very God essence within her

The birthing place of extreme pleasure

Extreme pain, that’s the love thing


Is it this?

Is this the love that I’m told about

Searching my soul for this kind of connection to the divine

It’s been given to us by spirit before we were even formed

I dreamed myself here

I dreamed my existence

But all birthed by Love

*What’s love got to do with it?*

It has a lot to do with it…….

It’s the very nature of existence

This is life

This is it!!!!

I’m not talking about the love of a man for a woman or the love of a woman for a man

I’m talking about divine love. Magical love. Love that’s naturally there, love within oneself

I’m talking about exploding love

I’m talking about that self love

Loving oneself unconditionally

She’s very new to me

I’ve fallen in love with me

I’ve found in me the very essence of God

True unconditional love for oneself

The love you can’t explain in words

It’s the one that glows from within

Touching everyone and everything it connects with

That’s the kind of love I’m talking about