Some people look at top agents and attribute their success to just plain luck. True, there is an element of luck in this business, but it’s funny that the “luckiest” agents also tend to be the hardest workers. In this business you have to work hard and also work smart.

Success rarely happens by accident. Successful people plan their day and work their plan. They set goals, focus on what is important and track their progress. They track where their leads come from, how many convert to contracts and how many contracts lead to closed sales.

A past client of mine, a restaurant entrepreneur, regularly states that his father always said it’s funny how the harder you work, the “luckier” people think you are when it comes to success. Rarely is it pure luck.

To be successful, goals need to be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-constrained (or trackable).

The phone rings, and when you glance at the screen, your stomach clenches.It’s time to make that split-second decision whether to answer the call or send it to voicemail. You take a deep breath and put on your best “client voice,” but your gut is in knots.

You dread talking to this particular person, and you brace yourself for the discussion. Does a potential deal in the future justify your discomfort?

Recently, I’ve been reading threads on social media that ask: “When is it OK to dump a client?”

This topic comes up regularly in both online and offline discussions.

Many real estate agents search for some magic bullet, thinking they can buy a training program or a $30/month subscription to become successful. As with weight loss or success in any field, there rarely is a secret elixir that can be bought to produce — BAM — instant success. Achieving success rarely is easy or quick. It requires training, persistence, and practice. It also requires focus — on the right things — and not being led astray by all the distractions that are tossed in our path.

Focus on your numbers. Real estate is a numbers game. If you have…

If you read Facebook posts from frustrated agents debating whether they should find another job, you’ll often see a pile-on of positive advice: Keep going! Don’t give up yet! Success will come if you just switch offices, try harder, or buy this new lead gen product!

Sometimes it’s good advice.

And other times it’s just smarter to move on to a different career path. Here’s nine signs it’s time to hand in that Realtor’s lapel pin.

1. The pipeline is dry

You haven’t had a closing in ages, and you’re draining your savings account.

According to NAR statistics, the typical real estate agent closed 12…

Whether you’re running a two-person boutique brokerage or an office with hundreds of agents, you should have a business plan in place.

It may not be sexy task, and it’s often easier to spend time putting out fires and running meetings, but all business owners need to spend time working on the business, not just in it.

A business plan is just a road map that guides your decisions throughout the year. To position your brokerage for success in 2019, here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own business plan.

Do your homework

Before you look forward to 2018 and beyond, first you…

The statistics are disturbing. Anywhere between 25 percent and up to 85 percent of women report having experienced some form of sexual harassment in the workplace, according to a 2016 study on workplace harassment by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Even if we take the conservative end of this vast range, that’s one in four women.

Although women do make up the majority of reported complaints, the EEOC reports that 17 percent of complaints were filed by men. There’s also been an increase of same-sex complaints with women harassing women or men harassing men.

If you’re running a…

Erica Ramus

Real estate broker, speaker and writer. Coaching small to mid-sized brokers to take their business to the next level.

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