Colorado Startups and Their Advice!

Finding the right words to inspire or even make people think twice. Well, that’s a tough one to conquer. To know what people want exactly well, unless you can read minds, it’s only an educated guess. However, the easy thing to do is give people the opportunity to take the advice of others that are in a similar scenario. In business, you are always looking for the right words and to know exactly what your customer wants. That is not always the case. Engine23 set out to support some startups, and ask them what has been their biggest accomplishment and learning experience in their first year of business. However, let’s start with some statements and facts before we go into the lessons and accomplishments from eleven startups from Colorado.

Colorado is a breeding ground for startups. If you live there you are amongst not hundreds, not thousands, but well over a few hundred thousand entrepreneurs. They are your neighbors, your friends, and most likely your family. The state of Colorado makes it quite easy to start a business, and doesn’t make you jump through as many hoops as some other states would.

According to the small business association, in 2013 small businesses in Colorado employed over 1 million people in the workforce, that was just 1.2% under half of the private sector employees. Take a minute to let that sink in, that was in 2013, three years ago. In 2015, the Kauffman index reported that Colorado had an entrepreneur rate of .35 percent, that would mean that every day of the month at least 11 new startups are being created. Those new startups could have just been a single man/woman show, but it is likely that they have hired someone to help out with their businesses.

Engine23 is a company in Colorado, originally starting from Omaha and relocating to this great state. We would still be considered a startup to many. As the definition is a bit unclear and differs from whom you ask. We are not a Fortune 500 nor are we a company that has a hundred or even 50 employees. We are small, efficient company that can create magnificent eCommerce sites for those we like to call our partners.

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