Lovely Lima & Beyond

If the third time’s the charm, then my third visit to Lima, Peru really charmed me. I had visited the city eight and six years ago, first for a wedding and then to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Lima didn’t leave much of an impression on me back then. Don’t get me wrong, I had a fabulous time both visits, the food was great and the company I was in even better, but the city of Lima itself didn’t really grab me. With three-plus weeks to explore, though, this time I discovered new neighborhoods beyond the tourist hub that is Miraflores. Barranco is bohemian hip; San Isidro is upscale chic; Callao is gritty and artsy; and the Centro Historico had more charm to discover than I’d been led to believe on previous visits.

Some Highlights

  • I spent my mornings either running along the Malecon or helping friends train for Machu Picchu treks by climbing the steep stairs up and down the cliffs to the beach.
  • On my third night in the city, my local friend, Antionio (brother of the groom from the wedding I attended in 2009) introduced me to a few of his favorite spots to enjoy pisco sours, the iconic Peruvian beverage of choice.
  • I surfed for the first time ever. I even stood up a few times (and fell off just as often).
  • My mother visited(!) and we took a trip to Arequipa to see the condors soar over Colca Canyon.
  • I witnessed a pair of skateboarding bulldogs…twice!
  • Ate a LOT of really great food (see my earlier post about the most amazing meal ever at Maido)

Originally published at Unraveled Travels.

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