A poem for International Women’s Day 2017

Quote from Mary Oliver’s “Wild Geese.” ©Erica Cirino

For far too long

I’ve let others dictate

My happiness,

Measure my worth.

Despite their biases

And inaccuracies,

I let them do it

Because I was afraid,

Afraid to stop them,

Afraid to raise my voice.

Today, it ends:

The sadness,

The overwhelming, unshakable

Feelings of inadequacy.

I will decide

To be happy,

To be worthy,

To be beautiful,

To be loved,

To be enough.

Erica Cirino is a freelance science writer and artist based in New York, now visiting Copenhagen to learn more about ocean plastic. She’s returning to New York in late March to continue her Go and See Tour: A Discussion About Plastic Pollution at high schools, colleges and public places across the U.S.