life — a poem by Erica Lee

You hear the crying lightening
and how the rain heaves;
The sound of slumbering clouds that sigh.

You see the waving leaves
and how the branches reach;
The sight of blossoming buds that breathe.

You feel the walking waters
and how the foam kisses;
The touch of running pebbles that gasp.

You know the skies are speaking,
the plants and trees are thinking,
and every seeking droplet laughing
as each tremble down the window side.

You find the earth give way,
yet the hardened clay steadies,
and the singing streams refreshing
as it winds its tunes around the bend.

You understand it all
and all it understands is you;
You, there, with it,
breathing as it exhales,
exhaling as it breathes.
The world around you shudders
as you shudder—

And shudder no more.