If free bleeding is defined as not using menstrual products then using thinx is not free bleeding.
Sarah Hudson Hofhine

Love this and totally agree: “An even better benefit has been an increased level of knowledge about and comfort with my reproductive anatomy and my menstrual blood, which has led to greater confidence in speaking up for gender equality.” Some people consider these underwear and reusable pads to be “free bleeding products.” It’s all about finding what you’re most comfortable with, and I chose free bleeding with absorbable underwear. We’ll be writing another piece about cups soon too. ❤ (If you’re interested, here’s one we wrote a while back: https://medium.com/clued-in/menstrual-cup-101-they-re-easier-than-you-think-6f2e83c35ebc#.jrfvz0a5m)