Train Like A Girl

My profile of Camie Cragg will focus on the business she has built over the past 11 years and her struggles and achievements she’s dealt with throughout the course of her journey.

When we were children, our teachers would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Some children would respond with firefighter or ballerina. Others would say football player or princess. Camie Cragg Lyman wanted something different for herself. “I always heard growing up to do what makes you happy,” says Camie of Camie Cragg Fitness. “I didn’t believe there was a way I could workout and make it a business.” Although, after eleven years of perseverance, Camie did just that.

Camie owns her own gym in South Reno, Nevada called Camie Cragg Fitness that has been open for four years now. She grew up knowing that she needed to choose a career but never thought that she would find something she loves so much. “My heart never stopped burning for that…this is my purpose” Camie declared. Although it has taken many years to build her gym and business, she is now doing very well. She juggles her family life and her business life effortlessly it seems but reveals that sometimes it gets tough. “It’s balance.” Says Camie, “This can take everything and override and I think that’s the same with any small business.”

Camie admits that things can get hectic around the gym with her tight office space, her kids running around maneuvering through piles of boxes and paperwork, and her husband working in the office right along side of hers as her graphic artist. When asked what it was like working with her husband and seeing him in her work space practically everyday, Cragg responded, “There are days where we are legitimately side by side but we’re not even interacting.” When she discusses him as a graphic artist, she boasts, “He knows how my mind works and what I look for. I’ve never had to go back and ask him to change the whole face of a design.”

Cragg lives a hectic life but always makes time for her children and her family. At the end of a long day, Camie knows that her career was the right choice for her. “It’s been very tough but totally workable and doable because everything’s a choice,” States Cragg, “It’s changed me as a person in a good way too because I’m finally, four years later, able to say I can delegate.”

Camie Cragg Lyman is a wonderful woman with a full heart. She puts others before herself and has created nothing short of a miracle. She has helped hundreds of men and women achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle and strives for nothing less for herself and her business.