5 Most Famous Churches in Venice

There are almost 250 churches in Venice each rich in culture, history and architecture of its period. But you don’t need a map in Venice, it’s too confusing. Just follow the paths and at each turn you will get a marvelous piece of architecture. Do remember to wear appropriate clothes to visit churches in Venice, as visitors may otherwise be denied access.

If you are making an itinerary for your next trip to Venice, do include these 5 churches in it, they will sure delight your eyes with their white marbles and intense paintings.

  1. Angelo Raffaele church: Probably the oldest church in Venice.
San Raffaele Arcangelo church

2. Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari : One of the 3 notable churches built in the Italian Gothic style


3. Madonna dell’Orto: Dedicated to Saint Cristopher, the name literally means “St. Mary from the kitchen garden”

Madonna dell’Orto

4. Santa Maria della Salute, or simply The Salute is located in Dorsoduro.

5. Basilica di San Marco — The most famous and visited of all the churches in Venice