The excitement of something new ignites a spark that is easily extinguished by doubt, disbelief, opposition, even disappointment. This feeling of allowing your inner light to be snuffed out is often welcomed because it can be easier to give into an uncomfortable feeling.

Rare is the opportunity that ignites a flame that burns so brightly that you are given the strength to look past the doubt, challenge, the disbelief. The flame gives strength against opposition and triumphs over disappointment.

When the flame is fanned, and fed it grows. The flame keeps you warm. It becomes the guiding light for others to follow. When the flame is ignored it easily bevomes a smoldering pile of ash. Soon, barely seen by others, soon a faint memory.

My spark has been ignited. It has been set ablaze with a wonderful community of like minded people who care about helping others and providing a business model that can be leveraged to launch people to financial and time freedoms beyond imagination. My family and I are blessed to be a part of a company that will provide the kindling of superior training to keep my fire burning with Extroda.

Our fire is burning so brightly and is fully engulfed. We have the right leaders to ignite more sparks inside of so many others who have been searching. People are looking for the right fuel to set thier personal fires ablaze! We have the perfect fuel with and

Bonvera is the right company, at the right time! So blessed to be a part of this e-commerce revolution!

If your ready to set your spark ablaze, don’t sit back and let someone else’s fire keep you warm. Build your inner fire so big others will be drawn to you. You will soo set thier sparks on fire and bask in the glow of watching thier flame burn!

We are so ready to keep our fire burning! We are so thankful for Bonvera!

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Sean and Erica Kinsler