Wh9’s that girl?

I imagine that your curiosity has brought you here for reasons beyond both mine and your understanding, so I suppose I should at least make it worth your while reading me eh? Well… maybe not, but I surely will give you my best. If that is not good enough I can also point you to a new direction. :)

Firstly I’d like to welcome you bla, bla, bla skip, fast forward that part yada yada, now we’re here… but where is here? Hell if I knew the answer to that, I would probably be writing something worth digesting. So wh9’s that girl? Maybe you are wondering enough to have even brought you this length. Just boggles me why people just don’t ask, but rather privately pry as if they are some blogster spies or facebook trollers of whatever monotony you partake in, within your virtual adventuring. Whatever the case may be, have fun trying to figure out an undone work of artistry. I am one of those pieces you might not want to touch just quite yet. This is a very delicate process and I am taking my time and being picky, precise and passionate about each fine detail, line, groove, melody, vibration, stem, oh you get the point I think… however, this new medium will be a place for me to be blunt, creative, expressive, open, whatever. Feel free to comment, follow, elaborate, share with me something you may relate with my own stories, or whatever floats your boat. I am here to inspire, share, connect, network, laugh, cry, vent, create, destroy, escape, confront, whatever comes my way. Sometimes I go looking for it, so yeah, you will see those days as well. I hope to create a tight family and network here as I lay real foundation here for my friends, family, fans, etc. to have a nesting place to touch me if you all feel the need. :) Blessings everyone and thank you for stopping by! Soon, I promise I won’t be gone long… until then sweet dreams and good nows to everyone! E