Something is Missing

Something is missing… energy? love? finance? popularity? health? happiness? family? security? comfort? sex? children? home? career? clothing? transportation? Something is missing…Why do I feel this strong tonight as my son and I took a night walk through town exploring every crack and corner of the city buildings, architectural walls and sidewalks, unique childsplay landscaping gardens, even the parking garages and the old gum stuck to the fire escape steps… I coughed with a dry cough breathing the cool breeze in the night’s air.. The moon looked surreal over the city skyscrapers as the illumination resembled a cartoon illustration … I thought as I reached the center of downtown… “Something is missing” and just as I thought it, I felt a strong feeling that I must be known… I must burn out rather than fade away silently… and somehow I know my gift of writing has something major to do with this fate…

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