Yeah, I’m afraid of guns.
Jake Bullington

I just listened to your story on the Criminal podcast. I also am a survivor of a school shooting. I never have typed those words before because, like your situation, no one was hurt in my school. It was in a k-12 school in a small town in Colorado, I was a freshman in the high school wing when one of my close friends decided to bring ammo to school, the gun was already in a book bag that she left there. It’s a long story. She was caught and apprehended very quickly.

I am very afraid of guns, I live in Texas and this is also my reality. When the Aurora movie theater tragedy happened I had to go to work in a sporting goods store and sell ammo with my hands shaking. Couldn’t fully explain my problems, most people just know me as a nervous person. I had actually lived in Aurora before and movie theaters are one of the only things I care to leave my house for.

I am just glad in a way to hear and read about it from you, thank you for sharing.