Getting an F Train Express Service Victory for All Brooklynites

The F train is a subway line that links communities from Coney Island to DUMBO, and riders along the route have been unified in their shared desire for improved commutes, including the restoration of express service. Indeed, express service on the F line in Brooklyn has been a transit priority of mine and of my elected colleagues across the borough. It has been clear from the beginning that bringing back express trains could not and should not come at the expense of existing local train frequencies and the growing communities that depend upon them.

The MTA’s newly announced proposal, which was made outside of consultation with local representatives and impacted straphangers, seeks to pit Brooklynite against Brooklynite in a fight for quality transportation. We travel in an interconnected system, and progress cannot be defined by taking resources from one neighborhood and giving them to another. There are critical transportation needs in southern Brooklyn just as there are along the Brownstone Belt, and the increased ridership along the F line necessitates real investment beyond this limited plan, including bus and ferry service that has yet to be equitably expanded to all parts of our borough.

It is time for the MTA to come to the table with stakeholders along the F line and devise a comprehensive community vision for the restoration of express service, one that protects the interests of commuters who rely on local service as well. It is a victory that grassroots advocacy has led to a day in which express service is a real consideration for F train riders once again, but that victory must be a shared one for all Brooklynites.

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