Thoughts on United States v. Texas

The deadlock of our nation’s highest court regarding immigration reform is a sad reflection of the deadlock across our political landscape in taking any meaningful step, large or small, toward resolving the futures of millions of innocent children and families who have been left in the shadows of our society. Inaction is an action in and of itself, and forces that influence Congress have led to ‘actions’ that are damaging the soul — and the safety — of America a little more every day. I am thankful that Brooklyn, a community of more than 2.6 million people of which nearly half speak a language other than English at home, stands as a shining example of how immigration and diversity have made us a safer and stronger place to live, work, and experience the American dream. Rather than lay down in defeat, we must rise up with determination to more forcefully advocate for a fix to our broken immigration policies, including organizing to elect leaders who are committed to change — and even compromise — over the continued decay of our common democracy.