commitment to love

yesterday, Balance open its door in an invitation to commit to wellness. i was, and i believe forever will be, humbled by my beautiful staff who surrounds me whenever, and however, i need them. as jon lewis’ sweet sound filled the studio and the comfort of essential oils filled the air, i sat back and watched familiar and new faces enter our space. it just all flowed from terri (nutrition) to julie (restorative) to heather (reiki) to rachel (massage) to denise (groove) to mindy & kristi (oils) to mj, sarah, kaitlyn, hong, jeanne, rebecca, and heidi (yoga). it seamlessly swirled around me. dom captured the moments as only he can gorgeously do and heidi was the hostess- the one who feeds our souls. as i watched people enter, fill out their commitment and move through our space, i realized that what they committed to was love. a self-love, yes. but they committed with us because our space and my selfless staff are love and, i believe, they know that they will be supported in their journey- in their commitment to love. and, isn’t that what we all need? don’t we all need someone next to us as we ebb and flow through the challenges of our lives? don’t we just need to know that we aren’t alone in our commitment to love?

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