…one more time

i’ve got the sell out a stadium, triple-platinum, grammy award winning singer’s soul without a lick of talent to support it, but man, when i am cleaning the studio with bonnie raitt or the eagles, i am astounding. one of my favorite, on repeat songs is the eagles take it to the limit. and the lyrics that have always resonated the most with me are one more time. to, take it to the limit one more time. it’s not a striving to be or do more, rather a passion to live, to [insert action]one more time.

what does it look like, what does it sound like to take life to the limit, one more time? i think it looks wildly different depending on the person and on their day. sometimes, it looks like a sweaty yoga class; while other days it looks like a seated meditation. it might be not cleaning the mess in the kitchen so that you can read a book to your child. it might sound like, “no, i’m sorry; not right now” or “yes! i’m on my way.” it could look like a run on a trail, or a picnic by the water. i guess that my point is “limit” often becomes coupled with an extreme action, but that’s not always the case. i often reach my limit for stillness when i meditate. it’s the conscious choosing of one more time that brings me back to my mat.

over the last month i have been reading and messaging in yoga about the 37 principles of the bodhisattva and during this time, i have been in deep relationship and dialogue with my limits. at its core, the principles teach that freedom is not a state rather, “..think of freedom as a way of experiencing life itself- a continuous flow in which you meet what arises in your experience, open to it, do what needs to be done to be the best of your ability and then receive the result.” ken mcleod

apparently, the eagles knew this, because finding the proverbial door to freedom isn’t the way- and when you’re looking for your freedom / nobody seems to care and you can’t find the door / can’t find it anywhere. so what’s the path? — put me on a highway and show me a sign/ And take it to the limit one more time.

isn’t it amazing that the songs we’ve been belting out for years might just be the lyrics we really need to listen to in order to live?

link- (http://www.unfetteredmind.org/silver-river/)

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