what connects us

this week our yoga studio won best yoga studio in rochester. and, to me, it’s a win for our community and for those of us who believe in the power of connection. did the win give my ego a little boost? yep. did it make me fill with pride? sure did. does it make me feel better than? it could.

but that’s where i stop myself; where i drag my judgy head back into awareness. because that’s what connects us.

here’s the deal- we’re a great studio. we have a super knowledgable faculty. we have a dedicated, compassionate and freaking kind community. we have a beautiful space. it’s really great. it’s not dramatic or competitive. there are lots of great studios in town with amazing teachers and beautiful communities. and to each of those teachers and each of their clients- their studio is the best, as it should be.

our hearts, and theirs, should swell with pride. i believe a little boost to the ego should awaken us to all of the beauty and joy and dedication and love that surrounds us. we should celebrate each other- our faculties and our communities. we should share our struggles and our challenges too.

it’s that awareness of being human that connects us.

it’s what keeps me humble and grounded. it’s what has released my jealousy and helped me slowly relinquish any percieved control. it’s awareness that helps me to see myself and others so clearly- so honestly and so empathetically.

do i struggle to keep it all in check? yep. do i get out of balance. sure do. and, so i roll out my mat at our studio, or at tru with tisah or at yogavibe with jesse or at bodhitree with amy jo. i can’t wait to check out carla’s class at flourish yoga project. and, i really need to get to jenny’s class at breathe in webster.

i’m aware of where i need to reconnect, heal, forgive, let go, & celebrate. this is the work we do at balance- we bring it all to our mats, together, and we connect breath to the poses in our lives both on and off of those mats.

at balance, we share our lives and on this journey, we #chooselove