Hi! I’m an essayist, colorista, and poet. I write to purge my thoughts. Please visit my podcast: https://itsericajean.podbean.com/

If you want to be healed

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I am looking at my Pillow App and I see my sleep quality so far is a whopping…


This isn’t good. The news just keeps getting better too, because my average sleep time is….

About 5 hours. Yikes.

Pssst! The topic of sleep is in collaboration with none other…

‘Cells at Work: Code Black’ is a perfect 10

Cells at Work: code Black by Shigemitsu Harada/Akane Shimizu/Issey Hatsuyoshiya

At the end of the very last episode, all I could do was blink.

I need more episodes. More!

Cells at Work: Code Black, is the spin-off to the original Cells at Work anime. While the original Cells at Work was concerned with what happens in a healthy body, Code…

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