Intuition is calling. Are you listening?

Intuition is that gut feeling, your instinct and Huffington Post even calls it the GPS for your soul. It’s that “ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.” (according to It’s an “inner knowledge” that you are headed in the right direction on your life’s path. It gives you guidance, support and understanding about your life’s purpose.

With all that said…Do you understand your intuition? Are you tuned into it? Do you live your life according to it? And if not, do you want to learn how?

Here are 2 major ways intuition is with you (or telling you something!):

1. Do you ever notice when “things line up” in your life? Things just seem to fall into place for you where you weren’t expecting it. Intuition is natural and flowing, it’s never forced. And I believe that when hurdles come up, they are there for a reason.

Some of you probably know that I am obsessed with Brene Brown. (I’m her Social Worker groupie lol) So about a year ago, I set out to go to graduate school to become the “next Brene Brown” and do research I was passionate about. I wanted to make it happen. I was focused and determined. I called a former professor for help, I looked into different schools, started to work on ways to get accepted and looked into financial obligations. But as time went on, blocks came up…it was getting close to deadlines…I found out I’d have to move…and plus it would be expensive. I just didn’t have the kind of motivation that I thought I would have for it. Things were not lining up for me. Some might say I didn’t want it enough but I say…hurdles are there for a reason. They are telling you that this may not be the path for you. (And even though I won’t be the “next Brene Brown,” the original is pretty damn good. Check her out here, here and here)

Start to tune into your path when things “line up.” If there’s a vacation you want to go on and everything seems to be “right” — the price, the location, the timing the person you’re going with — listen to that. But if it’s not lining up, don’t force anything to happen because you believe it’s supposed to happen. Listen to your intuition.

2. Do you find yourself drawn to certain people, places or experiences? You may not know why or how but something catches your eye and you want to explore it. It just feels right. Maybe you keep running into the same person and feel you can learn from them. Maybe it’s a certain place or experience you’re intrigued about. You notice yourself putting energy in one area that was unexpected. You may not understand it from a logical perspective but it’s there for a reason. Others may not get it. But if it feels right, it’s intuition.

I’ve shared with quite a few people that my brother is an artist. He started to attend college, majoring in Art Education but not long after, he switched his major to Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting. Just last year, he graduated with his Masters in Fine Arts. When I tell people about him, 100% of the time they make a comment about how hard it must be — to be the “starving artist.” And yes, to an extent, it’s a profession that has its ups and downs in financial uncertainty. To a logical person, it might be seem like a huge gamble. So I asked him recently why he chose the artist path instead of the art teacher path. He said it was a “gut feeling,” that he just knew he needed to make painting his priority. All of his energy was going towards painting not teaching. He felt that in order to live life without regret, he had to go all in. (He also told me that as soon as he declared his major in education, art teachers in the area got laid off…that’s NOT a coincidence)

If you want to find out how he’s doing with his path, check out his site


Start to tune into where your energy is going. What’s peaking your interest lately? And without using logic or your judgment, trust that your intuition is speaking to you. Start to explore it and see what happens. ❤ ❤

Things to keep in mind:

Don’t look at the outcome of the event to determine whether you were or weren’t listening to your gut
(or whether it was a good/bad decision). It’s about the experience, not the outcome.

If you can’t “figure out” if it’s your intuition or not, you need more time.
Reflect. Give yourself quiet solitude and see what comes up.

And if you really can’t feel it, maybe we should explore that in therapy.


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