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The revolution begins with you.

Being a wedding planner, I get so bummed out when I see people trashing the wedding industry online. But hear me out, because I also totally get it. The industry as a whole has a lot to answer for. Over the last 30 years, the expectations around weddings have skyrocketed, and who is to blame for that? Some of the blame definitely belongs with Hollywood. Portraying massive, over-the-top weddings in film after film all through the eighties, nineties, and aughts. But it isn’t the movie producers, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Lopez drawing so much ire on the internet. It is…

I often get questions about online wedding dress shopping. People who know me or have read my website bio know that before I got into wedding planning, I went to college for fashion design. I worked for a bit in the bridal fashion industry as a designer, dressmaker, and alterations specialist. I have worked with everything from David’s Bridal bridesmaids dresses all the way through fully beaded couture gowns which cost upwards of ten grand.

Like everything in the wedding industry, with wedding fashion, you need to understand the difference between price and value. Ideally, you want to find bridal…

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From the very moment you get engaged, questions of wedding etiquette start popping up. Should you announce your engagement online or wait until after you see your families in person? Who are you supposed to invite? What is up with all the different pieces of invitation stationary? Why does it matter how I address the invites? And that is only the beginning…

Not only are traditional etiquette rules overwhelming, many are completely irrelevant for modern couples. If you have spent any time on the wedding forums, you have likely seen just how twisted up people get over wedding etiquette. …

My own wedding to my husband, James with our Secular Humanist Officiant, Kenna Covinngton. Photo by Chris Tavares.

I started this new blog, called Secularly Wed, that is all about helping people have non-religious weddings. Why do I care about helping people have secular weddings? Why do I concern myself over the importance of not only having a secular ceremony, but also a secular officiant?

A religious officiant agreeing to not mention “God” in your marriage ceremony is still a religious wedding. Sure, we can go to a Judge and have a civil ceremony, but usually Judges will not perform marriages outside of the courthouse and regular business hours.

What it comes down to is our rights as…

Erica Greenwold Reisen

Wedding Planner at Folie à Deux Events | Blogger/Rabble Rouser at Secularly Wed | Editor & Marketing Maven at Bridechilla

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