This is a message I wrote to my teammates at work about staying home when you’re sick. Some wanted to share it with friends, so here it is, posted on a medium made for sharing.

Dear Team,

Over the weekend I was meant to be going to surprise my nephew to see him off for his first prom, catching up with friends, and generally being a functional human. Instead I was at home, in bed, surrounded by tissues, chugging Pedialyte, and eating cold medicine every 4–6 hours. …

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One of the better moments of 2017.

2017 is over, thank your chosen deity.

Three movers brought in my stuff. I have a lot of stuff, so three movers were required. It was the same company that took my stuff away, but mostly a different crew of guys. One guy was very confused. “Didn’t we just pack this all up? Is everything ok?” Salient question.



I solve puzzles for fun. I work on Engineering Management at Microsoft. I am enthralled by building great teams. I like gummy bears. I believe in you.

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