Ribosomes Stand For Revolution.

Mr. Ribosome is an organelle of the people. We do not need to state all of the accomplishments he has achieved,however, ribosome’s most outstanding accomplishments is that he synthesizes proteins, which are the building blocks of the entire body and cell. Ribosomes encompass 99% of the organelle community, so if you count each individual organelle there are about 100 mitochondria, 1 Golgi Apparatus, 1 Smooth ER, 1 Rough ER, etc. there are 10 million ribosomes. This makes them encompass 99% of the organelle community. But if you look at the distribution of protein in the cell, they are only 1% of the protein mass. This is unfair and allows the cell nucleus to not care about the ribosomes. If a ribosome is falling apart the cell will not devote the resources to try and help the ribosome recover, they will just send a lysosome to kill it. In my campaign I will make sure there is an equal representation within the cell community and make sure the #ribosomeslivesmatter. I will also create a new type of universal healthcare system to make sure that an organelle is not subject to die due to small problems with it that can easily be fixed. If we are the organelles that create the proteins we have a right to equally distribute the proteins.

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