What Is Love?

Chapter 7 New Year, New Dates

January had begin really nicely, or as Paola and Daniel would say, pachito. Snow was suppose to be arriving to the city and I was hoping for it, as someone like me who lives in a city with no snow. I was really excited about the snow and one morning when I woke up, there it was.

- Daniel, Daniel, wake up! There is snow! — I screamed.

- Hmm…what? — he said, half sleeping. Daniel’s father was German so snow wasn’t any surprise for Daniel since he passed a lot of Winters in Germany already.

- SNOW! There is snow, come on, wake up!

- Ok, Olive, I will, just let me sleep a bit more.

No one could understand my excitement, I thought, so I went to knock on Paola’s door.

- Come in! — she said.

- Paola! There is snow!

- Yes, I’ve seen it.

- Oh, let’s go outside, please!

- Yes, we will go, when we go on our way to school.

- Ok, ok, but fast, let’s go!

It was the first time I was so excited to go to school and I was just like a little kid jumping in the middle of the snow. But everyone else was already too used to it.

There were a lot of things to think about this month, it was the end of the Winter Semester and this time I had to make a bigger effort into it. I spent most of my time hanging out but I was worried to finish my bachelor in a secure way so I didn’t had to repeat it in Portugal. But that was it, I just wanted to finish it, no other desires about it attached. I wanted to finish my bachelor and do my Master degree, that was my target: Master. At least I thought it was.

Due to all the work everyone had to do for school this month things were really quiet at the dormitory. The month passed really fast and before I knew it, I was packing again to go spend some time in Portugal. It was the Semester break and I had a month of Holidays so I though I could go and see my family, even though I wanted to stay in Hannover and enjoy my Holidays with Daniel (Paola was going to the south to see Rupert), I thought it would be nice and that my mom would be happy to have me there. So I went, almost the whole February spent in Portugal and finally the day I returned to Hannover arrived.

- Hey, Daniel! — I said when he picked the phone.

- Hey, where are you?

- I just arrived to Hannover, I am leaving the airport now and taking the train home. Are you home?

- Yes, yes, I am. Take the train and come.

- Ok, see you in some minutes then.

- See you, player!

Paola was still in the south so I had about a week to spend only with Daniel. Time alone with Daniel was really different from the time when we were together with Paola, with her we were more normal, we ate healthy, woke up earlier, do more things, catch more sun. But when we were alone it was a disaster: eating pizza every day, getting drunk almost every night, sleeping during the day and waking up at night to drink more, play computer games and not even talking about going outside for some sun, no way. And this time wouldn’t be any different. I arrived home at about eleven p.m. and Daniel was in our room, watching some movies.

- Hey, player! Nice to see you again!

- Hey! How was your journey?

- Oh, it was good, you know, the same as always.

- Good, good. How was Portugal?

- The same, it was sunny. And it is not snowing anymore here!

- Yes, finally it stopped. — Daniel said, probably reminding how I woke him up the day I saw snow through our window.

- Ok, I brought some drinks from Portugal.

- Uh, cool. What is it?

- We have beer, wine and this licor which is my favorite. And this is all Portuguese.

- Ok, let’s try it. — he said.

Before we knew it all the bottles where empty and, once again, to keep on with the tradition, we were dead drunk in bed again. There was just nothing good going on when we were alone, just like two little kids when the mother isn’t present for five minutes.

Paola was coming back to Hannover as well so we decided to plan a Semester party to celebrate the beginning of the new Semester. Paola invited all of her classmates and the usual people we always invited. It was the first official party after my birthday (the random drunkenness's in our rooms or in the kitchen not included) so we were pretty excited about it. Also because I didn’t know that much people from her class, besides the four girls that always used to hang out with us, Helen, Becky, Brittany and Laura, who were all really nice people. Becky was born in Russia but lived since a long time in Germany, she had amazing blue eyes and the sweetest look, but it is never all about the looks, behind that sweet girl she could turn very quickly as hardcore as it can get, just give her a bottle of vodka and she will make the party all by herself if she needs to. Helen was German and really sweet as well, she had long blond hair and curls that could almost match mine and it was really easy to get along with her, she was really open minded. I never got the chance to get to know Brittany and Laura that well, I do know them for being Paola’s friends and they were always super nice to me, I have them in my mind as really good company from my time in Germany.

Me and Paola were dressing up for the party, I had straightened my hair, Paola made some curls on her hair, high heels were on fire that night! There wasn’t that much people in the party but we didn’t care, we were having fun no matter what. I was sitting on Paola’s lap and talking to the girls but my attention wasn’t on them. There was a really cute guy sitting in the other sofa and I couldn’t help noticing that… there was no girl next to him.

- Paola, who is that guy sitting in front of us? — I asked really low since I didn’t want him to notice, even though I spoke spanish with Paola.

- WHO? MARK? — she screamed. Another thing about being drunk is that you can never control the volume of your voice, doesn’t matter how hard you try.

- Oh, come on! Don’t scream his name! — He was now staring at us, of course. I pretended I was talking with someone else.

- Yes, Mark, and don’t scream his name again!

- Oh, he is single, go talk to him, he is nice, really.

- Ok, no rush, I will go.

Of course in about five minutes everyone already knew that I thought he was cute so everyone was pushing me to go.

- Ok, Olive, since you don’t know him and never talked to him, I will go with you, because I know him, and then we can start talking. Ok? — Becky said, she always tried to help no matter what but when she did it with a bottle of vodka in her hand I could never trust her help a hundred percent. — Hey, Mark! How are you? — she asked.

- Hey, Becky, I am fine, and you?

- Yeah, good, good. Do you know my friend Olive? — I should have known she was going to make that question as awkward as possible.

- No, not yet. Hey, Olive.

- Hey, nice to meet you. — I said, looking at him trying to ignore that Becky was staring at us.

- Ok, I will go to the toilet. — she said.

- Yes, sure, how sublime Becky, thanks. — I said. Mark laughed and turned to me.

- Want to see a magic trick? — he asked. Well, that was a first, that a guy asked me if I want to see a magic trick.

- Yes, sure, why not.

He started talking to me and suddenly moved his hand towards my head and magically took a coin out of my ear. I couldn’t believe I just got the coin trick as a flirtation. That was definitely a first. I laughed and try to make it sound as natural as possible. Although it was a pretty cheesy move I couldn’t help finding him sweet, I don’t know if because I was influenced by alcohol or if he actually was. We talked for the rest of the night and by the time everyone was leaving he gave me his phone number, or maybe I asked for it, can’t really remember. And that was my problem, I couldn’t remember.

Next morning me and Paola woke up really early because we were going to Hamburg for the weekend and we couldn’t feel any worst. I have never seen Paola with such a hangover, her skin was dead white, and she was a really tanned person. My head was hurting, I had a small clue about talking to some guy the night before and a tiny idea that at some point of the night Paola was laying on the grass outside saying that she belong to the nature. I should definitely consider stop drinking. We had the worst journey to Hamburg ever, we couldn’t talk, we couldn’t eat, we were just dead in the train and when we arrived to Hamburg there was a girl, Paola’s friend, that we were going to help moving some stuff for her new house.

By the time we arrived to her place I took my phone and there it was, on my screen, a phone number saved as “Cute Mark Party”.

- Mami…I have Mark’s number. — I told Paola.

- What? Really? Oh yes, I remember you two talking yesterday!

- Yes, but I couldn’t remember if I actually got his number or if I was hallucinating.

- Apparently you have it, are you going to write to him?

- No, I don’t have credit on my phone now.

- Ok, so he should write you, he will.

It was the most awkward weekend I have ever spent with Paola and we couldn’t wait to go back to Hannover. Sunday afternoon we were back and went directly to my room where Daniel was.

- Daniel! Olive has Mark’s number! — Paola said to Daniel. — she has to go on a date with him!

- Oh, yes, you do!

- Come on, guys, he didn’t even wrote to me yet, maybe he is not interested.

- Fucker, come on, he talked to you all night, he did the cheesy coin move on you and you think he is not interested? — Daniel asked.

- Ok, so if he is he will write, no biggy.

- Why don’t you write to him, then? — Daniel said.

- Should I?

- Why not?

So I wrote to Mark, I didn’t thought it would actually work and I wasn’t expecting anything back but then…

- he answered! — Paola saw in my Facebook that was open in my computer while I was using it on my phone.

- Ok, ok, let’s see.

- Oh, he wants to go on date! Look what he wrote!

“We can go discover Hannover together”, oh my God, he was so cheesy.

- Ok, what should I say?

- Say yes! Come on, go on a date! Come on.

- I don’t know…

- Come on! Go!

Done. I was going on a date with Mark, the first actual date in a long time. I had even forgotten how dates worked, I wasn’t used to the rules involved on going on a date any more.

A week passed and it was time for my date with Mark. We were making such a big deal out of it, I was having a full makeover with Paola, we even went shopping for clothes, Daniel was talking about it with us like he was also a girl, like we were all excited about it. Olive was going on a date, that was our subject.

It was a Sunday and we had a birthday dinner and only after that I was going to meet Mark.

I met with him at the main station and there he was, all cute and well dressed, like a pretty little man. This was such an awkward feeling. We went for some beers and later we went to a huge park and sat down on the grass. It was really windy and cold and my hair was flying all over, I was struggling to take it out of the way but, as I am already used to, a hair came to my eye. This was starting to feel like a romantic movie scene and I wasn’t used to that.

- What is wrong? — Mark asked.

- I have something in my eye. — I REALLY did!

- Here, let me see. — …Oh my God… — You have a hair. — And he took it off.

His face was about five centimeters away from my face and, just like it would happen in a movie when the distance between faces is so small, he kissed me.

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