What Is Love?

Chapter 6 Hippy Birthday

I decided to spend my birthday in Hannover, because Paola had really good ideas for it, so at the second of January I arrived to Germany. Paola, Daniel, Rupert, Ricky and another friend of Paola went to pick me up. We were really excited about the hippy party we had planned for next day and the girls went to buy some clothes to wear, since we had to dress like true hippies. We arrived to the dormitory and spent some quality time in the kitchen, along with Jacobo and Joey, who was a Chinese guy that lived there as well and the coolest Chinese person I have ever met!

It felt to so good to be back, everything was so right in Hannover, no matter what troubles I had I knew I could always count on Paola. I don’t know if it was because of the place I lived, the people I met or simply because I was an Erasmus student, but the whole time I was there I didn’t felt it was part of my academic year. It was my final bachelor year and I was learning more outside of school than inside. But I guess that is what the Erasmus experience is all about, not about working hard for school and having the best grades, Erasmus is about exploring, meeting new people, falling in love, living different cultures, and that was my passion at the moment. I didn’t care about the History of Theater or the technical construction of a set, right now I wanted to learn about myself, get to know myself and let myself fall in love for persons I could never meet if I weren’t there.

There was no way to explain the affection I felt for Paola and Daniel, it was beyond explanation. I saw a brother and a sister in them, they were no longer just neighbors or friends, they were part of my family, they knew the deepest details of my life and I knew theirs. We didn’t need words to communicate any more, we understood each other only by looking.

It was the third of January of 2014, my birthday. I woke up that morning feeling ready to party, I was turning twenty-one and I felt invincible that morning. Daniel was sleeping so I tried my best not to make much noise, I took a shower, started dressing when suddenly my door opens in a really fast and strong movement and, if I could write in slow motion, you would see h o w t h e d o or p a s … just kidding, how the door passed my face with about one centimeter distance, it would definitely break my nose if it had touched me.

- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! — Paola, Rupert and Emilie (a friend of Paola) screamed.

- Oh my God, you almost broke my nose! THANK YOU!

- Happy Birthday, Mami. — said Paola, hugging me.

- Eeehh, Happy Birthday player! — Daniel was suddenly up. — I was awake for a long time but I was pretending to sleep to scare you but they did it first!

- Thanks a lot, fucker! — I laughed. Maybe because of our close relationship, me and Daniel called ourselves fucker or player, not to offend, but because we knew each other too well.

It was time to do some shopping and get everything ready for the party later that night. Rum, vodka, wine, beer, tequila and marijuana was the menu that night. We all dressed up in really colorful clothes, flowers, necklaces, rings, fake tattoos, peace signs every where. We were ready.

Downstairs, in the dormitory’s party room, everything was settled. The alcohol was on the fridge, Daniel’s bong made with a plastic bottle was ready and people were starting to arrive. It was going to be a funky night.

Before I could notice everyone was getting drunk and high in such a speed I could barely follow up what was happening, until I saw Paola and Emilie entering the room with a giant flower made out of foam-board and so I realized…it was a piñata.

- Oh, no… — I said.

- Oh, yes! You know what it is! — Paola said, making fun of me.

- Nooo, come on. A piñata, really?

- Yes! Come on, you have to break it!

- Oh God, with what? — I couldn’t believe I was going to do that.

- Here, there’s a broom. Use it!

Daniel was standing on top of the billiard table holding the piñata, ready for me to kick it. They made me give twenty-one turns and they covered my eyes. I was feeling dizzy, not only due to the turns but because I was drunk and high, and I had no idea where the piñata was, so I started kicking the broom everywhere.

- No, to the left! — everyone screamed.

- Which left?

- Now right.

- A little bit in front and then left.

- No, not there!

- Ah, you kicked me! — Daniel said.

- No, go back!

- Right!

- Left!


It was pointless, we could stay there forever and I would take eternity to hit it, but then:


- There! You hit it! Good! There!

I was hitting it the harder I could until I heard it breaking and releasing everything that was inside to the floor. I uncovered my eyes and there it was, all the candies spread on the floor. But wait, there weren’t only candies there, were that…no. Were those condoms?

- Mami, are these condoms?? — I asked.

-Yes! Of course, and you have to use them all before you leave Germany.

- There are like a hundred condoms in here, Mami!

- That’s right! A lot of work to do, Mami!

- Let’s go, fucker! — Daniel laughed.

- God, you two are terrible.

It wasn’t that late when I started feeling like the room was spinning and that was the sign, I was already too drunk. I stood up and started walking to go to my room, everything was spinning and my head was a helicopter. The party room was on the ground-floor and my room was on the third floor, I had to make it somehow. I reached the stairs and as I was going up I fell. But the good thing about being drunk is that you don’t feel any pain. I fell right on my knees in the corner of the step but I stood up and continued like nothing happened. I reached my room and laid down on my bed, I knew exactly what I needed in those situations, just lay down for a couple of minutes, put some fresh water of my face, make the helicopter go away and done, ready to go back. And that was exactly what happened, I slept for about thirty minutes and woke up as new! But of course I can never make the right decision in a situation like that. The right decision would be to stay in bed, sleep and wake up next morning with a medium hangover, nothing bad. But no, it was my birthday so I had to continue the party. I went back downstairs and drunk more, and smoked more…drunk, smoked. Now it was it. “Not feeling that invincible now, right?”, I thought.

After a long night of drinking, smoking, taking Emilie to the train station at eight in the morning and coming back home, I slept. Of course that next morning’s hangover wasn’t medium at all, if I had at least stayed in bed when I should have stayed.

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