Feeling left out really matters at work. How awful is the issue? Ostracism was characterized in many pieces of research as social rejection. This kind of social rejection includes practices, for example, having one’s greeting go overlooked, being eliminated from invitations, or seeing others go quiet when one looks to join the discussion. Ostracism was observed to have a more robust and negative connection with the sense of belonging, and different proportions of employees well being and work-related frames of mind.

What Companies Should Do to Deal with Ostracism?

Being overlooked or rejected by co-workers or managers is always awkward for an employee as it gives growth to…

The “Relative path hell” Problem

Typing out long and error-prone paths to your Node JS modules can be a daunting task!

Even with code-completion features like IntelliSense in place (which is supported by almost every IDE or text editor), this can become more challenging as your codebase grows.

Just imagine changing the directory structure of your project and you’re forced to change all occurrences of the modules currently being referenced multiple times throughout your project. It’s a maintenance nightmare!

Moreover, it looks damn ugly!

Code should be easy to read and understand. And with the current module systems in Node JS or JavaScript in general…

2018 has brought many innovations in the tech world. We recently saw a new version of Android to make smartphones affordable. On the other hand, we saw the booming iPhone X and iPhone 8. With these smartphones, many companies have reached a new height with their respective mobile apps. But for the growth of these smartphones, we need millions of smart apps. Hence, several mobile app service providers around the world are ready to build a market leading app for you.

Every construction business owner wants their construction site to have a strong foundation but isn’t it important to be equally strong in the cloud as well?

What do I mean when I say to be strong in the cloud?

Well! I mean using the tech appropriately for your business. And I want to talk about the construction business in this blog. The USA is one of the major construction markets worldwide. It’s construction expenditures have reached over 1,162 billion U.S. dollars. Not just this, many new construction projects are coming on stream in New York, which leads the list of…

The process of hiring the ideal mobile app development company can be troublesome. You usually have a different approach from the app development companies around you. Sometimes it’s hard for them to ideate in the same way as you do and sometimes it takes a lot of time to deliver what you expected. To avoid such scenarios the base should be perfect. The most basic thing here is a killer RFP (request for proposal) for your mobile app development requirement. The most simple to understand RFP makes it easier for your developers to build what you think. …

These days, mobiles have become the mainstay device in society, and are evolving immensely. For these advanced computing devices, mobile apps have come into existence. Mobile applications are made using the most compelling and dynamic mobile platforms accessible today. These platforms include Symbian, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS. Nevertheless, Google Android is growing with exceptional speed.

We all know that Android is a mobile operating system by Google. It is based on the Linux kernel, designed fundamentally for mobile devices. Adding more, Google has launched Android TV for televisions, Android Wear for wrist watches and Android Auto for cars. …

The latest estimate from 2016 says that there are 12 million mobile app developers in the world, constituting more than half of the total global developer community. The mobile app community consists of 50% of iOS developers. Here, I would like to share one of my interview with a famous dietitian, Gina Keatley from New York City, who turned into an iOS developer in the process to make her patient’s health more secure. She is a famous media personality known for her advanced diet techniques. …

GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK, considered to be the world’s fastest growing technology hub takes place in Dubai World Trade Center every year. The annual consumer computer & electronics trade show had attracted diverse participants, most reputable in 2009 when Microsoft released Windows 7 with 150,019 people present. The event was first launched in 1981 as GITE, occupying only one hall of Dubai world trade center. In 1988, with the launch of MacWorld GITEX expanded to two halls. Currently, it takes place in 10 exhibition halls, comprising a million feet of exhibition space. …

Do you know what the future of Mobile UI/UX is?

The question seems to be tough, right?

But every UX designer has a different thought process about the future of his/her work, and this process of reflection brings out an easy answer. Since evolution is open-ended, the Mobile design has been evolving since 1994. We have seen multiple versions of mobile phones and then followed by mobile apps. Here’s an excellent infographic on different thought processes by various UX designers on the future of UI/UX.

View the infographic here: https://www.techaheadcorp.com/blog/ux-designer-whats-future-of-mobile-uiux/

It’s been ten years since the launch of the first iPhone. On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs announced the release of the first iPhone at the Macworld convention. On June 29, 2007; the iPhone was launched. With the following years, we have seen the astonishing iPhone evolution. The recent announcement of iPhone 8 and iPhone X has left the world in excitement. Let’s enjoy the journey of iPhone from just an iPhone to iPhone X in a well-defined infographic.

Check out the infographic here: https://www.techaheadcorp.com/blog/infographic-the-evolution-of-apples-iphone/

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Social Media Marketer, Content Developer. #startup strategist in SAAS Industry.

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