This Is Why I Am Successful
Nicolas Cole

That’s really cool that you have found your version of success. I still don’t understand the markers of success that you refer to in your photo. I imagine that if I spent that much time alone behind a computer I’d feel bitter and isolated and in need of recognition for all that time I put into writing stuff for other people. My version of success has been the process of unlearning the cultural script that enslaves us — that economic gain is more important than human life. If sitting patiently alone behind a computer for years so that in the future you will have everything you think will make you happy is worth it, then that is awesome! Successful people (as I define it) authentically create and give from such a profoundly deep place that sacrifice doesn’t exist. The rich process of living within ones’ erotic impulses to create personal masterpieces which contribute something meaningful to life is what lights a person from the inside. The success and payoff is in every breath, and that seems like more of an achievement than anything I can imagine.

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