Why I refuse to post “Me too” as my FB status, or: Why Harvey Weinstein is the least of my concerns
Heather Jo Flores

Yes, thank you for this and thanks for asserting your support of the “me too” sharers. I used the “me too” opportunity to bring your point home on my FB post. I also struggle with the individualism of todays mainstream feminism and how that, too, may carry over to expecting individual men to somehow halt their allegiance to a class/hierarchical system that still “benefits” them. I feel rather cynical about the prospect of this. I always try to assert the ways in which it would benefit men to ally with women, but then I get depressed about my attempt to sell something that shouldn’t need a prize. It’s pathetic that I begin thinking about men like they are little children who need bribing. I would love to ignite the organizational approach of 2nd wave feminism where class analysis is still on the table. I’d love to have a giant movement of women taking action with a giant fucking group of courageous men there too. I’m thinking about the power of boycotting on a massive scale to bring home the point. For example, if women decided they’d stop going to work on the same day (including unpaid work at home) until this world understands we mean business and are valuable. But then I think about the complacency of many women who have internalized sexism to the core. That’s an entire other issue that borders on me sounding like a victim blamer, and I am conscious of this and have a difficult time approaching that conversation. Just my thoughts.

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