14 reasons why being black is more than what you think( Plus a quote)

When my English professor presented the class with a project that would provide a positive impact on campus, my first thought was black people.

Why black people?

Because black people are considered to be at the bottom of the totem pole regardless of status, money or education and I had to change that. Here are 14 reasons why being black is more than just a skin color but a beautiful thing.

Nicholas Johnson
  1. To me, literally it’s to be gold. Look at the Caribbean, South America, places in India and Asia we are literally an international people. It’s being a part of that history, the beginning of time. It’s being a part of the universe, that dark matter, that melanin, its honestly being closer to the core of everything. However, the creator started to design it(life), that first being was dark and that’s for a reason.
Alexsis Williams

2. Being black means to me is that you have to strive. My father always told me “to fight for what you want.” Being black means to me is to fight, even the word fight means so powerful in the black community.

Dr. Raymond Janifer Sr.

3. “Because white people don’t experience racism, they find it hard to believe that it exists and its existed ever since there was an America” — Dr. Raymond Janifer Sr.

Alexandria Holman

4. Being black means I get to embrace myself. I get to be me and unique in any special way. There’s no true definition of black so everyone gets to create their own, create what they love and be with who they love. Honestly, I came from a predominately white school and when I was younger I didn’t really embrace my culture but now that I’m grown up I want to do better for my people. It’s a struggle and we all have to go through it together and we can’t be separate inside of that struggle.

Brandon Christmas-Lindsey

5. Being black is a great thing, it’s one of the greatest thing I could ever be. Being black is a powerful thing because even though we know there’s a big piece of us missing but that’s one of the greatest things because we were brought here because we were worth something. We were known as hard workers and people know that we have the potential because we are black.

To be able to be a part of the movement of being black, we’re walking history, walking power and walking achievements. Every time I look at my skin, I wonder what else can I do today to shock people? It’s like proving someone wrong every step of the way.

Tiana Lopez

6. “ So being black and being black in America are two very different things. I think I’m going to focus on being black in America. Especially right now, post-election of a candidate that has somehow inspired hatred to brew even thicker and publicly in America. Being black means to be a target, it means to be constantly challenged on a daily basis by people who don’t even know themselves. But being black also means there is joy. I am able to share in a culture that rallies around each other despite being actively and forcefully divided for most of American history. It means to be part of a culture that is always contributing to the progress of a nation, we are inventors, creators and survivors. We are beautiful, loving, living history”

Prichele Pressley

7. I am who I am because I’m black if even I’m a few shades darker, I could only imagine what my life could’ve been like or if I was a few shades lighter how different my life would be. It’s so much to be who I am and it’s sad to say that the color has defined me. It has defined the opportunity that I have been able to have, it has defined the knowledge I have been able to grasp.

To be black is to be you, to be happy with who you are. In all honesty, they say we don’t love ourselves but I feel like we’re the ones that love ourselves the most.

8. I think it’s just a word that they placed on us, it doesn’t really define who we are. It’s just a color, one of my favorite colors.

Dr. David Lovett

9. I think it means you’re special in a positive way. Your for-bearers have put up with a history of being denigrated and thought of being less and here you are sitting in an institution of higher education they never could’ve fathomed being in. To me, it means having a lot of responsibility, taking on responsibility for the black students of men and women that come after me. What I have to do is make sure in my mind, that everything I do is correct, straight and speaks to the truth.

Tatianna Dawson

10. “Being black means we’re creative. I love the music, my family is from Jamaica so I love reggae and I like the closeness that we have. Being a black woman, you are the underdog so it’s harder to us. If you dare show any attitude or any anger towards the difficulties, you already have to deal with then you are considered an angry black woman”

Roxie Turner

11. “Being black means strength, I feel like for those that grew up in white neighborhoods compared to the black neighborhoods I don’t feel like they’re less black because they were raised differently or talk a different way. If you’re yourself 24/7 and strive for greatness that’s what it is”


Nia Primus

12. It means I have to be more aware and not just being black but being woke and being black because not all black people are the same and have the same level of self. As a woke black person, I feel like it’s my duty to let people know about the problems that’s going on in our community so we can fix them.

It’s important for the younger generations to know, I remind my little sisters how beautiful they are because nobody did that for me and as dark skinned women, we need to be told that more than anybody. Because we live in a world that tells us dark skin is ugly. It’s important to spread awareness, positivity and togetherness because we don’t have it.

Kayshaun Tyrone

13. “To be black in general, historically means that I am a person that has been oppressed by someone of European descent. To be black in my eyes, in America means second class citizenship. To be black means to be subjected to the will of white Americans. To be black means to be misunderstood and the list goes on and on. But to be black, I think it means it’s beautiful”

Lauren Gold

14. “We already have a struggle so it’s important to be who you are. Being black means that we have to make a stand and we can’t come off as a stereotypical black person.”

Gabby Verdieu

15. Being black means we’re unique. We are the only race that has our type of hair. A lot of people want to be us but they don’t want to go through the same things we go through. People want our lips, darker skin, our figure and we are just unique in general. Being black means we are phenomenal. There’s a reason why a lot of people hate us, no one looks like us.

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