Counseling Reflections

When it rains, it pours but the sun will eventually come.

I went to counseling today and felt my spirit uplift and weigh down. I cried. I was anxious. I wanted to cry and continue to be at a low frequency so my frequency could rise and feel worth experiencing.

I expressed wishes and wants that I can do as a writer and person but this internal conflict keeps me stagnant. I let the weights weigh me down. My feet drags like they’re in quicksand. Time quickly passes me by and yet nothing gets done. THIS IS MY CONFLICT, getting things done accordingly and believing in my work at the same time.

I am my own worst enemy. Why? I lack the self-confidence and self-motivation that I desperately need from MYSELF. I need my spirit and soul to feel wanted and secure and in order for that to happen, a shift has to happen within myself.

Now how will I do that? Hmmmm…… Oh I know! I can create affirmations for ERICA and only for ERICA. I can start believing in ERICA and only ERICA’s writing and work ethic. I can eliminate any negative thoughts that doesn’t serve me. I can eliminate any comparisons I make and dreams that are not my own. I can just be. And I know all these things are what I struggle with but it’s a start by acknowledging what I need to do for ME.

My counselor told to write 5 affirmations that resonates with ME and this is what I have so far…

  1. I am a writer who has a powerful message.
  2. I am more than what I believe.
  3. I am a working progress.
  4. I am the author of my life. I am in control of the pen.
  5. I am enough therefore my writing is enough.

It’s a start but I believe I am on the right path to positive thoughts, self-motivation and honoring self-care. Thanks for reading!